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A holistic approach to health, happiness and success through the ultimate path of self learning


Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Cleansing, Diet, Knowledge

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herrick house

Yoga and Detox

in the South of France

3rd to 8th August


Yoga holiday with Ishwara

Antalya coast of Turkey

20th-to 27th July 2015

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The Real Yoga - the art of Love & Longevity

Saturday July 18th 10-6

The Real Yoga - the art of Love & Longevity

Saturday 10am-6pm


Saying Goodbye with Love to the English lake District & Furness peninsula and the lovely people that I have had the pleasure to teach and be friends with.

Today is a series of one hour practice sessions that embody my teachings over the last twelve years here in the lakes.

I will include thoughts on Love, Living, Longevity, Nutrition and Balance.


10-11 Mantras ( the gift of divine love )

11-12 Surya Vinyasa Yoga ( awakening Prana )

12-1 Inversions ( the art of inverted balance )

1-2 Yoga Nidra ( the knowledge of inner space )


3-4 Hero Vinyasa Yoga ( raising Power from the Earth )

4-5 Mantras ( the gift of divine Love )

5-6 Meditation ( the art of stillness )


All day £50 ( please bring a light lunch to share )

1st session 10-2 £40

2nd session 3-6 £30


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