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A holistic approach to health, happiness and success through the ultimate path of self learning Yoga

probably the best ...


... in the world.

herrick house

Need to relax, be pampered, detox, massage

And practice Yoga twice a day?

All in a beautiful old French house in the South of France

2016 dates to be confirmed


Yoga holiday with Ishwara on the Turquoise coast of Turket,  Suleymans Gardens, Faralya

18th to 25th July  2016

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Ishwara emigrated from England to Bermuda August 17th 2015. Ishwara continues to teach retreats and holidays.


Join Ishwara

for a truly inspiring Yoga retreat

Canary islands, La Gomera

23rd to 30th April 2016

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January Challenge 2015


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