1990: Mysteries, Monmouth St, Central London. I am browsing through books, slightly distracted by cabinets of crystal, rows of incense and interesting shoppers. I leave with two books. An A4 spiral bound hand drawn book of Kundalini Yoga and a small book that I still treasure 'the Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration and Meditation'. My Yoga journey had just begun. My daily home practice had just begun. My search for interesting Yoga and Meditation classes of every kind had just begun in the gyms and new yoga centres of London. 

2001: Agios Pavlos, Crete. After a decade of Ashtanga Vinyasa practice (alongside other Hatha Yoga's, alongside my weekend Football, Athletics and daily Cycling) the small boat pulled in to the bay. I jumped down into the surf and my bag was thrown to me once on the beach. Apart from the evening red wine and absence of Kirtan and Karma Yoga, Yoga plus was just a little bit more Ashram-like than most Yoga holidays that I had tried up till then. Austere rooms, communal vegetarian food, remote and early morning Ashtanga Mysore. However, it was the slightly competitive nature of conversation around Primary series that ignited my inner fire. That fire that burns hot to this day was my desire to teach the Yoga, not just the Asana, but the whole Yoga.

2003: I am on a train. It's quiet. I am filled with a quiet confident energy. I have just completed my Sivananda TTC in Dorset. I have already sold my flat in London and bought a tiny perfect little stone cottage on the banks of Black Beck on the Duddon estuary, a quiet remote western side of the English Lake District. I am leaving all my close friends, a career in engineering and leaving all the wonderful cultural night life. And I am excited. Despite the old man ghost in the stone cottage that follows my right shoulder each night. The mountains that I love I am returning to. The deep scooped out green valleys I am returning to. And profoundly I am beginning a much deeper exploration of myself through long morning hours of Mantra, Pranayama and Asana. I am on the verge of the most satisfying period of my life up till then. I am aged 43. All the anonymity of London life falls off my shoulders in weeks. So much richness in relationships, students and friendships awaits me in the southern Lake District. Learning to speak with quiet confidence, to hold a space, to wait until I have the connection before using the valuable word or phrase. My natural open hearted-ness, strong inclination for truth and reality, my natural physicality and lifelong creativity had found its outlet as Yogi and Yoga teacher.

2015: I am on a plane destination Bermuda. I have handed friends, new yoga teachers my classes and student lists. In my mid fifties my vitality and spiritual connection are as strong as ever. I feel the masters inside me, guiding me, even in this ever changing Yoga world. Outside of the small thick windows the earth curve appears, shades of colours, an ocean below tiny white caps and hidden depths. My sincere love of Yoga, of sharing and teaching gives me the confidence to look unafraid into the next horizon of opportunity and, as ever, challenges on the beautiful archipelago of the Devils isle, Bermuda.



Ishwara has a background in athletics, football and art. Yoga & Meditation practices were embraced enthusiastically in 1991. A decade later Ishwara began training intensively in the Sivananda & Satyananda yoga traditions. Leaving London to teach full time in the Lake District in 2002/3, Ishwara has since taught workshops & retreats across Europe, India and Bermuda as well as teaching yoga philosophy on 200 HR TTC.

Ishwara is an advocate of Yoga as a tool that can help in unlocking the vast potential of the self to overcome difficulties, achieve happiness and life goals. Ishwara is also an advocate of the benefits of a plant based diet, regular exercise, calisthenics, pranayama and meditation in helping to cultivate optimal conditions of vitality, enthusiasm and inner peace.

Ishwara is also a practicing Thai Yoga Massage therapist and is currently studying clinical nutrition. 



1990 Started Yoga Self Practice

2003 Sivananda Yoga TTC 200 hrs. Dorset, England.

2002/3 Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Training 100 hrs.  London School of Thai Yoga Massage.


2004-2006 Kundalini & Kriya Yoga training.  Mandala Yoga Ashram, Wales.


2004-2005 Pranayama Teacher Training 50 hrs.  Phillip Xerri ( Yoga Quests accredited by British Wheel of Yoga ). 


2005 Sadhana Intensive Pranayama training 2005. Forest Ashram, Rishekesh, India.

2005 Reiki training level 1

2017 Currently training in Clinical Nutrition and Life Coaching

At the heart of Ishwara Yoga is a commitment to be a living embodiment of love and consciousness