Daily Practice and all is coming

April 21, 2017


Calisthenics is a very important part of my daily practice.
Using age old bodyweight exercises and gravity alone.
The slow, incremental adjustment in strength and shape is immensely satisfying.
Either side of the Winter flu I've shifted from 100 to 200 press ups a day, using different variations to challenge the body in different ways.
The picture is the hands position I use for the Diamond Press.
It emphasises triceps and core as well as chest.

To get an overall workout you may need to incorporate a bar for pull ups.

This is what my daily practice looks like since I've relocated to Bermuda.
Lemon water 3-5 litres
Raw whole foods 75%
Yoga Asana
Cardio/Endurance (road cycling)
Philosophy and Meditation 

The beautiful thing about practice is that it is unique and personal. 

Whatever you use, be consistent for consistent results.



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At the heart of Ishwara Yoga is a commitment to be a living embodiment of love and consciousness