The root of happiness and suffering is our relationship with our thoughts and actions.

June 20, 2017

It isn't the action itself. How can an action such as making a cup of tea bring sadness or happiness. And yet for one person this will be a happy moment and for another an unhappy moment.

Why ?

If we understand why then we can understand how to live a happy life rather than a life of sadness and pain.

Yoga, the practice of Meditation helps us.

It teaches that we should control our Mind and Emotions by following our breath with our awareness.

Practicing Meditating on our breath teaches us how to live in the present moment and to sever our attachment to the past.

Letting go of our past, living in this present moment with detachment and freedom from cravings, is the secret to cultivating a peaceful nature, a loving calm persona.

We bring our nature into each action, making tea or sharing food or queuing for a bus. It is our nature and our relationship with the action, not the action itself  which is the root of happiness or unhappiness .

Taking full responsibility dornour Mind and Emotions is the most important step towards peace .

Ishwara .


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At the heart of Ishwara Yoga is a commitment to be a living embodiment of love and consciousness